Calque One was published in January 2007, with 300 copies printed. The images below are brief excerpts from the selections published in that issue. The first excerpt, from Nick Moudry's translations of Philippe Soupault's Georgia, includes the translator's note written by Nick Moudry and published in front of the translations. All selections of translated poetry or prose published in Calque are accompanied by translators' introductions that contextualize either the author, the work, or the translation process. In addition to the print issue, we also published several texts online: The Art and Practice of Poetic Translation, an essay on translating poetry by Brandon Holmquest; An Interview with Sandor Kanyadi by Paul Sohar; Notes on the Art of Writing Stories, an essay on the craft of short fiction by Juan Bosch translated from the Spanish by Steve Dolph; and The Roots of Sandor Kanyadi's Poetry, an essay by Paul Sohar. To view the excerpts below, just click on the image; to return to the main page hit the back button.

Philippe Soupault
from Georgia
Translated from the French by Nick Moudry

Tomaž Šalamun
"The Kiss Across the Ocean"
Translated from the Slovenian by Joshua Beckman

Sándor Kányádi
Translated from the Hungarian by Paul Sohar

Kenji Miyazawa
from "Ginkgo Nuts"
Translated from the Japanese by Nobumasa Hiroi

Juan Bosch
from "The Masters"
Translated from the Spanish by Steve Dolph